6 September 2020
1,9 km swim – 90 km bike – 21 km run


ATTENTION! Registration will only be accepted until the 31th of August 2020 and closed by 500 subscriptions!

Costo of registration: 190€ individual - 210€ delay race.

130 Euro from the 1th of December 2019 until the 30th of April 2020; 150 Euro from the 1st of May until the 31th of July 2020; 170 Euro from the 1th of August until the 22th of August 2020, 190 Euro from the 23th until the 31th of August 2020.

For "relay - team race" 135 Euro from the 1th of December 2019 until the 30th of April 2020; 156 Euro from the 1st of May until the 31 July 2020; 180 Euro from the 1th until the 22th of August 2020, 210 Euro from th 23th until the 31th of August 2020.





Send attached file with ALL your personal details together with a copy of you bank transfer to dimensionetriathlon@libero.it

Athletes from Swiss have to contact us for Swiss bankaccount



You may ritire sending a mail to dimensionetriathlon@libero.it, with your motive. Eventually refund will be given until the 31th of July 2020 as you may see here:

60% of the entry fee from 01/05/2020 until 01/07/2020
40% of the entry fee from 02/07/2020 until 31/07/2020

Delivery packages

Delivery of the packages will be at the municipal of Mergozzo
Saturday 5 September from 16.00 to 19.00
Sunday 7 September from 07.00 to 08.00


Sunday 6 September near the premiation zone at 09.30 in Italian and English and visionable outside the municipal of Mergozzo starting from saturday 5 September.

Transition area

We will open the transition area Sunday 6 September at 08.30 and close at 09.20. Only athletes, organizers and judges are allowed to enter this zone; friends, family and spectators may absolutely not go in.

Swimming distance

Departure MEN 10.00 first battery, 10.04 second battery
Departure WOMEN 10.08 and Delay 10.09

The swimming fraction, 1,9 Km, will be carried out at two turns in the lake of Mergozzo with departure from the scales near the Municipal.
On the lake, Saturday 5 September, there will be placed nautical red bows, which you must leave always on your right side, pain disqualification. The water temperature, in order to determine the using of the sub clothes, will be measured by judges Sunday morning and will be exposed in the transition area. In the water there are: nautical salvage from Red Cross will take care of the medical service, sub operator of Sub Verbania. civil protection and several kanoos.

Cycling distance

The cycling distance will be along the Ossola Valley through the village of Mergozzo, Premosello, Vogogna and Beura-Cardezza. It’s composed of 2 turns of 45 Km each. The distance is marked by direction placards fixed at all main crossings and with red painted arrows on the street mantle.
The track can be tested already from Saturday 5 September.
During whole cycling distance drafting is prohibited. Atletes must respect the F.I.Tri. Rules. BLU TICKET MEANS PENALTY AT THE PENALTY BOX (EXIT OF RUN COURSE)
Everybody must wear a rigid helmet of protection without any modification. The roads will not be completely closed to traffic and in every moment you must respect the Highway Code. There will be present also the “truck broom”.

Running distance

Is composed of 4 turns of 5,5 Km each, marked with appropriate blue arrows on the street mantle. The track can be tested already from Saturday 5 September.
For emergency, safety and correctness reasons, only athletes may run the distance; we don’t accept any type of mobile accompaniments, pain disqualification. Arrival is located under the bow.

Time limits

Swim 1h
Swim & bike 5h
Swim bike & run 7h
The competition will be closed at 17.15, who cut's the finish-line after this time will not appear in classifies. We kindly ask all athletes which retire during the competition, to communicate this to the organizers.

Cycling restore places

There are 3 restore places on the cycling distance (1st and 3rd restore places are located at Beura-Cardezza. At the 1st and the 3rd restore places you will receive natural water in bottle of 500ml, at the 2nd restore place you will get natural water in bottle of 500ml, salt, bananas and Enervit tablets.

Running restore places

There are previewed 2 restores for turn; in both of them there will be water, cola, salt, and gel, water for sponging. For Eco-environmental reasons, the sponge will be given to you inside of the race-bag and will be your personal during the whole run. Don't through it away!!!

Final restore place

There is previewed for all athletes a rich restore place located at the finishing-line.

Price distribution

Price distribution will be near the finish line at about 15.30 and will be shared according to the following outline:

Total amount 2.250 Euro

Price distribution since : Fitri rules (http://fitri.it/data/2011/20111122_164146_1.pdf),


Medical service/massages
In emergency cases there is at disposition a stand of the Red Cross located after the finish line. Here, it’s also possible after the competition to have free massage. Phonenumbers of hospitals: "CASTELLI" VERBANIA: 0039 0323-5411; "SAN BIAGIO" DOMODOSSOLA: 0039 0324-4911

Equipments - racenumber

Every participant is responsible of the state of his equipment. It’s not allowed to compete with the back knot in the cycling and run-fraction.
In the run fraction the racenumber must be located very visible on the front and during the fraction of cycling on the back.


The showers are located near the Municipal of Mergozzo.

Photo service

PHOTO-SPORT, which will be the only responsible photographer for all athletes will hold Photo service. You can visit www.photo-sport.it within a few days after the race to view and order for FREE the photo. http://www.photo-sport.it

Subscribing the race, you authorize the organization to use personal information, of the pictures race in which you appear ecc., all over the world and for the max. time as by law admitted.


INFO:0039 - 334 8418114 / 0039 - 0323 739027